Electronic health records for all medical facilities.

The Solution

We deliver an Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution to hospitals and healthcare clinics worldwide.
The system is scalable to meet the demands of medical centres of all sizes.

How it Works

The solution is based on identifying patients using biometric identification and barcoded MedCards, and storing their health records electronically in a database, allowing staff members to access it via the FrontDesk client application. This reduces the required paperwork and leads to a more efficient and speedy healthcare process. The end result is better healthcare at a lower cost.


The main components are the EHR database where all health records are stored, and the FrontDesk client application which is used by the medical staff to enter and access health records and journals on a daily basis.


The MedCard serves as the key to access the patient's medical record. The card holds an ID which uniquely identifies the patient in the database.


Our system consists of both hardware and software components that are linked together to form a complete solution for the medical healthcare clinic.

EHR Storage Unit

Database Server

The patient records and journals are stored on a database server together with clinic and staff data. This information can be shared between all medical clinics nationwide which use the MedCardApps system.

MedCardApps FrontDesk

Desktop Application

FrontDesk is the user friendly and intuitive program which staff members use to access the system and review patient information. The client is installed on existing workstations in the clinic.

MedCard Readers

Input Device

Each workstation where FrontDesk is running has a MedCard reader connected to it to allow staff to scan the MedCards.


Identity Cards

The MedCards are to identify medical staff and patients. Each MedCard holds a unique ID which corresponds to either a staff member or a patient.

About Us

MedCardApps develops and delivers medical software applications for electronic medical journals.
The company was established in the beginning of 2011 in Malmö, Sweden.
Our products have been developed in close collaboration with medical personnel to insure good usability.

Our Vision

We intend to implement our solution in hospitals, medical centres and medical clinics
nationwide for easy electronic registration and follow-up of patients’ medical status.
All the hospitals, medical centres and clinics will be linked to a central secure server database host.
In this way, whenever a patient visits any of the clinics, hospitals or medical centres,
the patient’s medical profile can easily be retrieved.
This will also provide easy follow-up of patients' medical conditions.

Board Members and Management

Gunilla Sandberg

Chairperson of the Board

Business developer and economist working with establishment, development and management of companies for more than 20 years.

Phillip Kilara

Board Member & Managing Director

Master of Science and highly experienced in IT system/network infrastructure and security.

Carl Danielsson

Technical Director

Master of Science in Software Engineering with many years of experience in the IT and software development business.

Susanne Warfving

Financial Director

Long experience in both auditing and accounting as well as financial issues.